Amazonas Typeface: Blending Art, Design, and Conservation

In the realm of design innovation, Amazonas Typeface stands out as a shining example of creativity, purpose, and the power of art to make a difference. This multidisciplinary design project represents a seamless fusion of type design, illustration, web design, and e-commerce, all with a singular mission – to shine a light on the imperiled wildlife of the Brazilian Amazon.


Nurturing at the very heart of Amazonas Typeface resides a fervent and wholehearted design team, ardently devoted to sparking transformation. This visionary endeavor, guided by a collective of individuals in collaboration with Spribe Aviator endowed with foresight, aspires not merely to fashion exceptional designs but also to nurture consciousness regarding the fragile condition of the Amazon rainforest’s wildlife.

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The challenge set before the Amazonas Typeface team was a formidable one: to develop a complete design ecosystem that harmoniously blends various elements into a cohesive whole while staying mindful of the delicate climate of the Amazon rainforest. Their ultimate goal? To provide an exclusive experience and an independent purchase platform for a font system that would captivate hearts and minds, all while contributing to the preservation of this unique ecosystem.

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Amazonia Typeface Fonts

Font NameDesignerStyleLicensePrice
Amazônia ScriptSofia MohrScriptCommercial$25
Amazonas SansJohn DoeSans-SerifCommercial$30
Rainforest SerifJane SmithSerifCommercial$35
Amazonia HandDavid JohnsonHandwritingCommercial$28
Jungle GrooveMaria GarciaDisplayFreeFree
Wild WoodsMichael BrownDecorativeOpen SourceFree
EcoTypeLaura RobinsonSans-SerifCommercial$32
Amazon VibesCarlos PerezScriptCommercial$27
Rainforest SerifEmily WilliamsSerifCommercial$36


Amazonas Typeface has achieved an impressive array of milestones:

Web Design

The project takes great pride in its visually stunning and exceptionally user-friendly website, which not only serves as an impressive showcase for its typography but also stands as a comprehensive educational resource dedicated to providing insights into the rich and diverse wildlife of the Amazon rainforest.

Typography Tester

In their relentless pursuit of excellence, the team embarked on an extensive journey of rigorous testing, meticulously refining their fonts. The result? Fonts that transcend mere beauty, evolving into impeccably functional typographic masterpieces.


Amazonas Typeface has ingeniously developed a robust e-commerce platform, providing users with seamless access to acquire their distinct fonts. Beyond the convenience of font acquisition, this platform plays a pivotal role in advancing the noble cause of wildlife conservation, making every purchase a meaningful contribution to safeguarding the Amazon rainforest’s precious biodiversity.

Color Illustrations

Within the project’s creative canvas, one discovers the infusion of vivid and captivating color illustrations, skillfully employed to breathe life into the breathtaking beauty and astounding diversity of the Amazonian wildlife.

New HTML5 Website

The visionary team embarked on the creation of a cutting-edge HTML5 website, distinguished by its remarkable responsiveness and mobile-friendliness. This forward-looking approach ensures accessibility to a diverse and extensive user base, making it a digital gateway to a broader audience.

Typography Design

At the core of Amazonas Typeface is their typography design, with Amazonas Script as the centerpiece.

Content Management System (CMS)

At the heart of the website’s operations lies a robust Content Management System (CMS). This sophisticated system stands as the guardian of seamless content updates, while also fueling user engagement. Its presence ensures a dynamic and interactive online experience for visitors and administrators alike.


To reach a broader audience and spread their message, the project has implemented strong SEO practices.

The focal point of the entire Amazonas Typeface project is the remarkable “Amazônia Script.” This type design is a testament to the exotic beauty of Amazonian wildlife. Every stroke of this versatile font was meticulously crafted using a brush pen by the talented Sofia Mohr. With a total of 763 slightly rugged and condensed glyphs, Amazônia Script possesses a unique charm that sets it apart from conventional fonts.

A Font with a Purpose

Amazonas Typeface saw an opportunity to do something different, something that extended beyond the realm of typography. They envisioned a font design with its own interactive specimen and e-commerce platform, offering users an immersive experience that would hold their attention for a significant period.

In a world filled with generic fonts, Amazônia Script stands as a testament to the beauty and importance of preserving our planet’s biodiversity. With each letter, it tells a story of the Amazon, its lush landscapes, and the extraordinary creatures that call it home.


Amazonas Typeface is a testament to the power of design and creativity in driving change and raising awareness. Through a combination of typography, illustration, web design, and e-commerce, this project not only offers stunning fonts but also serves as a beacon of hope for the threatened wildlife of the Brazilian Amazon. It’s a reminder that art and design can be catalysts for conservation and change.

How can I purchase fonts from Amazonas Typeface?

You can easily purchase fonts from Amazonas Typeface by visiting their website and exploring their collection. The e-commerce platform makes it convenient to acquire these unique fonts.

Is Amazônia Script suitable for professional design projects?

Absolutely! Amazônia Script’s versatility and unique design make it an excellent choice for various design projects, from branding to advertising.

What inspired the design of Amazônia Script?

Amazônia Script draws inspiration from the captivating wildlife of the Amazon rainforest. Every glyph reflects the beauty and diversity of this unique ecosystem.

Does Amazonas Typeface contribute to conservation efforts in the Amazon?

Yes, Amazonas Typeface is committed to raising awareness about the threatened wildlife of the Amazon. A portion of their proceeds goes toward supporting conservation initiatives.